Lamar Terrace Archaelogical Project

References & Acknowledgements

We wish to acknowledge the assistance and cooperation of MHA personnel during the project, in particular Mr. Frank Barnes, Senior Project Manager, and Mr. Bob Kurtz, Manager, Capital Improvements Department. These gentlemen both took great personal interest in the project, and we enjoyed working with them during this undertaking.

Dr. Charles Williams, University of Memphis Department of Anthropology, and Naketa Edney, an Anthropology graduate student, conducted the ethnological study of the Mt. Nebo Baptist Church. Their research is presented in the monitoring report.

Carl Brown, University of Memphis Department of History graduate student, conducted supplemental documentary research that is contained within the data recovery report.

Panamerican employees who contributed to the completion of the project include: Drew Buchner (Principal Investigator), Eric Cruciotti (Field Director), N.C. Kaplan (Lab Director), Jessie Flanders (Editor), and Kate Gilow (Office Manager).

The field crew included Amanda Brock, Terry Childs, Jessie Flanders, Jean Flint, Anna Inman, Reed Johnson, Deng Kohr, Jessica Maxey, Selwyn Nash, Mark Parrish, Mabil Pot, Johnica Robinson, Keith Robinson, Andrew Saatkamp, Banak Thijok, Gatluak Tip, Andrew Ward, and Leon Williams. The lab crew consisted of Naketa Edney, Jessie Flanders, Jean Flint, and Terry Childs.

Report CitationsBuchner, C. Andrew, Eric M. Cruciotti, Charles Williams, and Naketa Edney
2005 Demolition Monitoring at Lamar Terrace (40SY695-697), Memphis, Tennessee. Panamerican Consultants, Inc. Report submitted to the Memphis Housing Authority.

Buchner, C. Andrew, Eric Albertson, Carl E. Brown, and N.C. Kaplan
2007 Lamar Terrace Treasure: Data Recovery Excavations at Site 40SY695, Memphis Tennessee. Panamerican Consultants, Inc. Final Report submitted to the Memphis Housing Authority.